3 Things That Make the Trim Puller Unique

How many times have you had to go back and repair holes in the drywall caused by other tools that weren’t made for removing baseboards and trim?

The Trim Puller will save you time and money on your DIY and Professional home improvement projects, time and time again. Effectively paying for itself after the first time you use it. Below are the three main reasons why the Trim Puller is truly unique!

Trim Puller Unique Features

  1. 15 degree, integrated center wedge begins to separate the materials automatically and 3 large contact points all do most of the work for you.
  2. It’s made from tough, heat-treated steel (48Rc), and is sure to withstand harsh treatment and 3 large contact points distribute the force, greatly minimizing the chances of damaging the drywall or materials you are removing.
  3. The EPDM handle absorbs any vibration and will not hurt your hand, like so many of the pry bars we have had to use before.

For tips on how to best use the Trim Puller and the different ways it can be used, be sure to watch the Trim Puller video, hosted by Home Improvement expert, Ron Hazelton on his show House Calls.

Try the Trim Puller today! You will be glad you did. Here are some more unique features:

  • Doesn’t damage drywall, trim or other materials
  • Integrated center wedge does the job for you
  • Works faster and with less tools (no shim or board spacer needed)
  • Use to remove tile, flooring, cabinet counter tops, chair railing, crown molding and more!
  • Large, flat contact area to distribute force
  • Also use to remove siding, hardwood floors, carpet tack strips, panels, carpet edging, etc.

This handy multi-use tool is a must-have in your toolbox for any home improvement and remodeling project.