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High Performance

We have access to professional, high-performance products from many manufacturers. We work our magic and get the products when the deals are at their Zenith (catchy use of our brand, huh!?).

We Won't Sell You Junk

With these deals you can expect two things. First, all of our products are of similar professional grade quality. We won’t sell junk. Two, we may have different brands of the same product.

In Stock Items

So when you purchase welding rods, or cutting tools, and so forth on our site, you’re not going to see brand names on the products. We ship you the finest quality, performance grade products and the brands will vary depending on what we currently have in stock.

Crazy Guarantee

We back up what we sell with our ” Crazy Guarantee”! If you don’t think our stuff kills it, we’ll refund your money and give you a sweet gift to give us another chance. So, you don’t have anything to lose, and a fantastic experience to gain.