How to Remove Baseboard and Trim Without Damaging Walls

We have formally introduced a new, revolutionary tool for removing baseboard, trim and crown molding without damaging walls. The Trim Puller is a patented tool that is designed specifically for repair and remodel projects where you aren’t destroying trim, baseboards or drywall but rather reusing your building materials.

The unique thing about the Trim Puller is the large contact area combined with the 15 degree wedged center that automatically separates the baseboard, trim, or tile from the surface it is on. With the Trim Puller you no longer need various tools and no shim or small board as a spacer. The Trim Puller does the job of 4 or 5 tools without making holes in your drywall that you have to repair later, saving you time, money and costly materials. You can then reuse your trim and baseboards to save even more! The Trim Puller is the right tool for the job. It is great at removing baseboard, trim, crown molding, wood floors, tile, counter tops and many other materials.

The process for using the Trim Puller to remove baseboard and trim is easy. Just follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Use a utility knife to score between the trim or baseboard and the drywall so that the paint doesn’t peel off of the drywall when you are removing the baseboard. You may have to score twice to make sure you get between the drywall and the baseboard.


Step 2. UsingĀ a hammer or mallet, drive the Trim Puller between the baseboard and the drywall. The baseboard begins to separate from the wall automatically.


Step 3. Use a horizontal twisting motion with the Trim Puller to further separate the baseboard from the wall.


Step 4. If the baseboard is long, repeat steps 2 and 3 about every foot or two feet. If the baseboard is short, it should separate quickly from the wall.


Step 5. Once most of the baseboard has been separated you can use your hands to pull the remaining ends of the baseboard off of the wall by pulling on the already separated section.


That is all it takes to effectively and quickly use the Trim Puller to remove baseboard, trim and molding from any surface, and you won’t have any holes in your drywall to repair! You have saved a lot of time, money and materials and are ready to finish your project and reuse your materials.

This is truly a great tool, but don’t take our word for it. Watch our testimonial video and see and hear what some professionals have to say about the Trim Puller!