Journeyman Automotive Electrical Diagnostic Kit


This automotive diagnostic kit includes all the tools to properly troubleshoot an entire electrical system in a convenient carrying case. This all-in-one kit contains a 3-3/4 Automotive Multimeter, an AC/DC Current Clamp Probe and RPM Pick-Up Probe. It includes an Operator’s Manual, safety test leads with test and alligator clips, and temperature probe. The Multimeter has 0.25% DC voltage accuracy and features Auto Off capability, Continuity test, Diode Test, Data Hold and Safety Input Jacks. Overload protection on all ranges. The Clamp Probe converts amps to mVs, which are read with any DMM set to the 2-3-4 Volt range. The RPM Pick-Up Probe is a dual-channel automotive digital scope meter with auto calibration, automatic triggering, low battery indication, and built-in auto ranging True-RMS. All of this is include in a custom, durable, soft vinyl carrying case.


Automotive Multimeter

  • 3200 Count, Bar Graph Display
  • Dwell Angel: 4,6.8 Cylinders ±2%
  • Duty Cycle: 0-90%>100µs, <100ms ±2%
  • DC Volts to 600 ±.25%
  • AC Volts to 600 ±2%
  • AC/DC Current to 10 Amps (Fused)
  • Resistance to 32MOhm
  • Frequency 32 Khz
  • Temperature -22º to 1400ºF

AC/DC Current Clamp Probe

  • 600 Amp
  • Hall-Effect sensors
  • LED indicates when under power
  • Zero adjustment to compensate for hysteresis effect for DC measurements
  • Transformer ratio: 1000:1
  • Output: 1mV/A
  • Conductor size: 30mm diameter

RPM Pick-Up Probe

  • RPM’s to 12,000 (x10 range)
  • Inductive RPM pick-up for both conventional and distributorless (DIS) ignitions
  • Ranges 600-3200 and 6K to 12K (x10 RPM)

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