The Oscillating Multi Tool is Indispensable in my Toolbox

Having the right tool for the right job is no longer an option it’s a must. However, that doesn’t mean you have to haul every tool you own to every job site. I’m always on the lookout for quality tools that will get the job done better and faster, and it helps to reduce the weight I have to lug around.

Recently, my tool bag got so much lighter when I got a Trim Puller. It now replaces several crowbars and a shim I had to carry, or make on the fly with whatever scraps I could scrounge.

I have gone a step further and got a new tool that goes with me to most of my jobs, my Oscillating Multi-Tool. The O-saw Blades that I bought to go with it help me with all those little jobs that you think should be easy but aren’t, and they leave a professional looking finish!

For example, whenever I have to replace a broken tile, the 3 piece Masonry and Tile Blade set is easier to find and carry that the pile of tools that I would normally use to do a repair.


When working on tiles in the bathroom or kitchen that are on the counter tops, walls or back-splashes, I use a Carbide Grit Swing Blade and a Semi-Circular blade. With these I can remove any grout or mortar that are left in order to clean the surfaces and prepare them for the new tile.






The Carbide Grit Triangular blade works best for grinding and shaping the edges of the tile to get them to fit in a tight spot and I like to use it on floor tiles also. I found it works great on blending concrete repair lines where there is a crack in the concrete that needs to be repaired.






Another time I get to pull out my O-saw is when repairing a wood floor. The 8-piece woodworking blade set has everything I need. I simply mark the areas to cut and use the semicircular blade for precise cuts that I make along the entire length of the board and at both ends.

Then I switch to the fast cut blades (sometimes called Japanese Tooth blades) to make scissor cuts at a 45° angle so I can then pry the board out easily. If there are any remaining pieces of board attached with nails, I’ll cut the nails with the Bi-Metal blades. I can then cut the replacement boards to size by using the semi-circular blades to get them ready to install. The last step is to lay some adhesive and place the board and finally sand, stain and seal the floor to finish up the job. Now I wish I could figure out how to make the O-saw help me on that part… oh well.



These are just a couple of cases when my O-saw is indispensable. The Zenith O-saw Blades do a quick job and leave a professional looking finish. If you have any good tips to share, please leave them in the comments.